Mr Chef Beef Flavour Seasoning x 50 Cubes

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Peculiar wrapper that helps to maintain freshness and nutrients and also protects against environmental and bad storage conditions.Cube form is brown color with fresh look.Shelf life of 18 monthsFresh, Natural and Wholesome light brown color look in water which gives dishes attractive appearance.Fortified with vitamins and minerals (mainly Iron).It has a very strong aromatic profile of savory and meaty noteIt has significant sweetness, richness, lingering & mouth coating tasteUnique aroma and taste – boiled beef and seasoning.Crumbles easily – uniform sprinkling on food.Less oily, that means low fat.It adds rich deep flavour to your soups, stews, sauces,Dissolves easily and uniformly – No sediments.Halal certifiedNutritional data in packaging material (sachets)Best quality at a very affordable price.Available in pack of 100 cubes (20 sachets per carton).Use in varieties of dishes and delicacies.Super seasoning for all meals.. Buy All your Food stuff at Ikeja African market New Jersey, Ikeja African market near me, african food in New Jersey, african food stuff online, Ikeja African market, nigeria market in Newark, NJ, order nigerian food in New Jersey. We offer same day delivery within , Newark, NJ.

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