Gorontula Nuts / Silky Kola x 1 pack

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Goron Tula Nuts is a miracle fruit popularly called Snot Apple or Silky Kola nut. It is a natural aphrodisiac, natural libido booster and fertility supplement.It can be bought as a fleshy fruit or grounded to powder or in a syrup form that can be added to food and drinks eg tea, ice cream,custard, milk, smoothies etc .This miracle fruit also help women with dry vagina, as it helps stimulate the production of vagina juices, to keep it wet, it also helps women who find it difficult to reach orgasm. It also help to cleanse the vagina and rid it of bad odor, giving it a fresh fruity smell.. Buy All your Food stuff at Ikeja African market New Jersey, Ikeja African market near me, african food in New Jersey, african food stuff online, Ikeja African market, nigeria market in Newark, NJ, order nigerian food in New Jersey. We offer same day delivery within , Newark, NJ.

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